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Siemens Home Appliances

Extraordinarily Engineered

Siemens develop and design home appliances with the future in mind and use pioneering technologies to innovate and revolutionise your home.  There’s plenty to inspire across the vast range of Siemens products from washing machines to coffee makers which all have the common goal of making home appliances do much more, allowing you to do much less!

Washing Machines

iSensoric: instinctive brilliance.

Siemens’ iSensoric technology is made up of innovative sensors and intelligent software that enable your home appliances to do the thinking. From telling your washing machine how much detergent it needs to not using detergent or even water with the sensoFresh programme which gets rid of odours such as kitchen smells with active oxygen. Then there’s the unique autoDry technology to perfectly dry your washing without any shrinking!

Amazing Cooking Results

With the flexInduction Plus induction hob

The Siemens flexInduction Plus induction hobs offer incredible precision, ensuring amazing cooking results even if you are distracted by other things in the kitchen. The innovative hobs make mealtimes more convenient and adapts to your needs to ensure appropriate heating of your pots and pans. Its activated simply by placing the pot on the induction hob.

Shine Bright

With the Siemens Dishwasher range

In todays busy environment dishwashers are a feature in most homes which is why Siemens have put a lot of effort into the design of their dishwasher range to ensure they complement your home and integrate beautifully into your kitchen. But with Siemens you’ll also get cleverly engineered designs with innovative features such as their iSensoric technology which powers the intensiveZone dishwasher feature. This automatically increases the spray pressure in the lower basket to allow heavily soiled pans to be cleaned thoroughly, while delicate dishes such as glassware in the upper basket are safe and gently handled.

Home Connect

The future of innovation

In todays world our homes are becoming increasingly connected with technology which is why Siemens have developed the Home Connect app. This cleverly ensures that you can monitor, control and communicate with your Siemens Home Appliances, from anywhere, at any time. Imagine the ability of checking with the fridge if you’re nearly out of milk while at the shop or sending a recipe straight to your oven to ensure the settings are correct! Home Connect allows you to remotely control your appliances from a mobile device so you can start, stop, pause and change settings from anywhere.