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When the world of air meets design, innovation and technology,

Visionair is born.

Design and innovation above all else. Solutions developed to bring clean air into every house in the world. Sophisticated materials and cutting-edge technology, combined with constant research and experimentation are what Elica is all about.

Elica have been turning your point of view upside-down for forty years

Vision means future. Since 1970, the year we established our business, our extractor hoods have satisfied millions of customers with their design, reliability and innovation.

New and original models now join the classic versions which wrote our history. Research and innovation, in one word: VisionAir.

Nikolatesla Hobs

NikolaTesla redefines simple daily tasks by combining two kitchen elements that are generally separate - a hob and a hood -, thus creating the perfect marriage between technology, functionality and aesthetics.

Never worry about kitchen fumes and odors again! NikolaTesla’s aspirating core technology is completely hidden within the hob, which allows for a linear design that is both highly performing and energy efficient. NikolaTesla allows you to work freely on the hob’s surface, making it ideal for even the most elaborate food preparation.


Ceiling Hoods

An Elica ceiling cooker hood offers top technology, along with essential design and high performance. How is it different from an island hood? The ceiling extractor hood, as its name indicates, “disappears” into the ceiling for a suggestive, continuous look.

Thanks to the Dim Light feature, it is possible to adjust the light brightness through a simple command: brighter light for the best visibility on the worktop, and diffused lighting for moments of relaxation. In addition, with Tune White, the LED colour may also be regulated from cool white to warm white for uniform lighting throughout the space.

Built-In Hoods

A built-in cooker hood perfectly blends into your kitchen, while at the same time assuring that odours and vapours are efficiently removed.

Elica solutions have a linear design that disappears inside the cabinet: a tendency towards total integration, thus assuring a uniform and homogenous space.

Elica built-in extractor hoods have been designed to blend with the kitchen project, harmonizing their surroundings.


Wall Mounted Hoods

Elica wall-mounted cooker hoods come in a wide array of solutions, to best fit all of your needs. 

thanks to the voice assistant and the Elica Connect App, you can switch the cooker hood on or off and adjust both extraction power and lighting. And what’s more, the same App, regularly updates you on your hood status, alerting the user when it’s time to clean or replace filters.

Furthermore, many Elica wall- mounted cooker hoods, have adjustable lighting thanks to the Dim Light and Tune White features.