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Home appliances from Beko

As well as being the leading home appliance brand in the UK, Beko is one of Europe's fastest growing large home appliance brands and is available in 130+ countries worldwide. Their wide range covers cooking, cooling, laundry and is designed to make life that little bit easier via innovative technology, saving customers time, energy and money.

The AquaTech Range

Saving energy, time and water…

Caring for your laundry is at the heart of Bekkos AquaTech technology which ensures not only a gentler wash cycle but also speed with the Daily Quick programme washing a full load of laundry in less than 30 minutes. Handy for busy households who don’t have time waiting around for the cycle to finish!

Refrigeration Technology

HarvestFresh™ Fridge Freezers

Beko fridge freezers with HarvestFresh™ technology preserve the vitamins in fresh fruit and veg by using three colour light technology inside the crisper drawer to mimic the sun’s cycle. Vitamin A & C is preserved in fruit and veg for an additional 5 days compared to standard refrigerators so you can be confident that food stays fresher for longer and keeps all its goodness.

Peace of Mind

Beko’s HygieneShield™ dishwasher

Beko’s dishwasher technology can kill over 99% of bacteria and viruses by steaming and rinsing dishes in high temperatures with the HygieneIntense™ programme. In the modern world we are used to dishwashers saving us time and effort but with a dishwasher from Beko you can also gain peace of mind that you are keeping everyone safe.

Cook with Style

And forget about the clean up

Bekko cooking appliances are designed to save time in the kitchen and allow you to focus on the enjoyment of cooking  - without worrying about the mess. The Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning features quickly reduces any grease to dust offering an easy clean up solution to keep your kitchen looking stylish and clean.