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Why Choose Neff?

For those who love cooking

Since 1877 Neff have been on a mission to develop ideas and their range includes many innovative features. Slide&Hide® , TwistPad® Fire and CircoTherm®  are just some of product features that are worth highlighting in their cooking range for example.


The disappearing oven door

The Slide&Hide® feature is the only oven door that gets you closer to your cooking. No more awkward bending, simply open the door and slide to make it disappear. A much safer environment in the kitchen making more room for access around the cooking area – not to mention making it much easier to peek in!

TwistPad® Fire

Innovation from Neff

Clever, stylish and unique to NEFF: the TwistPad® Fire is instinctive and easy to use. Simply touch the illuminated TwistPad® Fire dial lightly to activate the desired cooking zone before you rotate to the power level of your choice.


Simultaneous cooking on multiple levels

A feature for the serious cooks among us! Taking care of a full course meal, including dessert is a dream with this feature. Choose to use three or four levels, depending on your oven - in one go. With CircoTherm® hot air, you can cook your savoury dishes and bake a home cooked dessert without any flavours mixing with each other . With CircoTherm®, every dish comes out tasting as it should.

Beautifully built-in appliances

Seamlessly stylish

Not just experts at cooking, Neff also have a stunning collection of numerous built-in appliances for your kitchen from washing machines, dishwashers and fridge freezers. They not only look great but behind the scenes also have the same great focus on inventiveness such as super quiet models of washing machines to aid modern day open plan living.